Orientation Week at Ryerson University

The goal of Orientation Week at Ryerson is to develop a sense of community and support the successful transition of new students living on and off campus. The Ryerson University community is conducive to the pursuit of personal development and academic success. Orientation is a time to discover what Ryerson University has to offer. Orientation is often the first interaction many incoming students have with the university campus and the individuals who actively make up its community. Ryerson Orientation Week spans 9 days, with over 100 events and 200+ volunteers and staff supporting the offerings. We run programming and events starting with Residence Move-In Day on Sunday, August 27, 2017 through to Labour Day Monday, September 4, 2017. Events range from high intensity music concerts, street festivals and team building activities to low intensity “Do It Yourself” ornament and t-shirt making activities and lecture series style events. Our aim at Orientation is to welcome students to campus, introduce them to key resources, help them build a strong foundation to their start at Ryerson and, to have fun!


Fun Facts


The first day we registered 1139 students, which is a 4% increase from 2015. There is typically a large drop-off in registration numbers after Monday as 5 Society-planned Orientations as well as mandatory Academic Orientation events begin. Included are a select number of event attendances that are more reflective of ongoing attendance at Orientation.

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