Road To Ryerson 2018

August 26 to September 3

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Recap: #RoadToRyerson 2017

Our aim at Orientation is to welcome students to campus, introduce them to key resources, help them build a strong foundation to their start at Ryerson and, to have fun! This year, #RoadToRyerson had a huge focus on wellness initiatives to provide incoming students and all Orientation Week participants with opportunities to take care of themselves. The new addition for this year was the Wellness Room in POD 54, the Tri-Mentoring Program Office, which focused on providing a quieter space filled with self-care activities, healthy snacks, video games, colouring spaces and mentors to answer questions about transitioning to university. As well, we hosted our first ever Body Positive Fashion show to promote a healthy self-image and showcase students with various body types strutting the runway in their own clothes.

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We also focused on developing our Ryerson to the Core programming this year where Ryerson student and staff volunteers met students at various GO and TTC stations and joined them on their commute to Ryerson. As they met, they shared information about the school, Orientation Week, ways to get involved and just chatted about transitioning to university. As voted on via Twitter, the station with the most amount of people, Union Station, had a huge welcome celebration on the Monday of O-week with balloons, noise-makers, and the O-Week Spirit Squad cheering for students as they made their way to campus!

We continued the tradition of Invocation, Orientation Week’s opening ceremony, for incoming students to our campus through a collaborative drumming activity and a walk, in whatever way you can walk, around the Quad to bookend the Convocation walk that happens upon graduation. President Dr. Mohamed Lachemi welcomed students, Vice-President of Equity and Community Inclusion, Dr. Denise O’Neil-Green spoke about the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Community Pledge, Director of Aboriginal Initiatives, Monica McKay, shared an opening Prayer and welcomed students to the Ryerson community, and RSU President, Susanne Nyaga, introduced students to the RSU and welcomed them to their student experience at Ryerson.

Another tradition, the Guinness World Record Challenge, continued with Ryerson unofficially breaking the record for the most amount of people simultaneously ringing cowbells for 2 minutes with a record of 670 people!

It was a fun week of community building activities and #RoadToRyerson 2017 would like to thank all Incoming Students, Returning Students, Staff, Faculty, Ryerson Senior Administration and Community Members for their individual and collective support of Orientation Week at Ryerson!

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